Reconcilable Differences

Oh man… I am siting here in my favorite coffee shop listening to this awesome podcast featuring two great people. Barely holding my tears. These guys are so obviously the same age as me. They speak about PPP, SLIRP, 2400 baud modems and the ecstasy of being directly connected to the dawn of the Internet. Those first, crazy long email addresses featuring five sub-domains, personal URLs with ~username, living online either at home (lucky bastards!) or at the University terminal room. Learning HTML with Navigator 1.1 , Javascript and frames with 2.0. And all that.

Oh, wow. I had “I was there, I did that too!” moments, like 20 times in the last hour.

And more than anytime in the last several years, I can’t help feeling absolute rage about how much we here in Serbia wasted those moments in the 90s. So much wasted.