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iOS bits and pieces

Swift one-line type-checking lasting 27s

MVC-C: Injecting Coordinator pattern in UIKit

In-app language change in iOS app

Masterclass: Core Data tidbits

Masterclass: KVC magic tricks

Masterclass - Notifications

Masterclass: Objective-C mandatory rules

“(not) supported by Apple”

Hopes, Dashed

Swift 3 migration tip: 'instance method ... nearly matches' warning


Masterclass: Code signing & Provisioning profiles

Masterclass: Constants and Flags

Masterclass: naming things

How to invalidate flow collection view layout on rotation

How to symbolicate watchOS 2 extension crash logs from device

I am speaking at VoxxedDays Belgrade 2015

Masterclass: iOS development in Objective C

App Store pricing rules

Store your Love

UICollectionViewCell woes with bounds change

How to support landscape mode in your app on iPhone 6

Reconcilable Differences

WatchKit 1.0 redux

Removing CADisplayLink from run loop

Attending conferences

Automatic image creation for WatchKit animated progress bars

Thoughts on developing watch apps

How to properly share / export GPX files on iOS

Few proposals for better App Store

When and how to ask customers to review your app

Effect of App Store only feature on ranking and downloads

Embedded binary is not signed with the same certificate as the parent app

Real-time inter-app communication

Putting Sensor Tower to work

Allow landscape, only on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Phantom spaces in UILabel's text

How to remove UINavigationBar's bottom border / shadow in iOS 7

Problem: UICollectionViewCell redraw during interactive resize of UICollectionView

The App Store's slow grind

Auto layout exception thrown when deleting UICollectionViewCell


How to animate-in UICollectionView items

Design process of Units convert 2

Improving Shift key design on iOS 7 keyboard

One (not)weird trick to save your sanity with NSFetchedResultsController

iPhone models in active use on the App store

Influence of number of downloads to search ranking on App Store

Beware: a crasher lurks with UINavigationController transitions

Allow landscape in portrait-only iPhone app, in iOS 7

State restoration for modal view controllers

Apps have infinite worth

Fix corrupted SQLite3 database

Using State Preservation with Core Data

Fix AirPlay on Huawei E586 mifi

Try Couch to 5k - iOS and device charts

State restoration in iOS 6 without storyboards

Radiant iOS 7 future

iOS 7 redux

Strange issue with the App Store

iOS 7

RTFlyoutMenu - drop-down menu component for iOS

Never save absolute file paths in your iOS app

A single bug in my StoreKit code that lost me 90% of IAP sales

Naming the company

Tip: revert pngcrush optimization in Xcode 4.3

Best Couch to 5k iPhone app on the App Store

How to: update project build version automatically, in Xcode 4.3

Re-charging dead Macbook pro battery after a long discharge

Review: WaterField Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad

Carefree musings on Apple TV

Guide to symbolicating iPhone app crash logs with Xcode 4.2

The thin fun line

OPPO's fantastic support service

Fighting feature creep

Debugging [CALayer retain]: message sent to deallocated instance

iPad 2gen prediction

Color of raw image pixel data and iPhone 4's retina display

Better icons for your iPhone apps on the iPad

Always use isEqualToString for string comparisons

UITextField.text is not always there

iTunes 9 on Windows 2003 - the complete solution

Q: Would you like to move or copy? A: Yes / No?

How to find crash logs for iPhone applications on Mac, Vista and XP

Apple should ditch DVD drive in their notebooks

Apple killed the Pro line of its notebooks

How are Hulu, Amazon, iTunes and others actively stopping me to give them money

Howto: find UDID of the iPhone or iPod Touch

DHL international express - do not use

Contact form fixed

On CSS, tables and layout

IE8 beta2 considered harmful

Better, more powerful Wordpress content management

The best season ending ever

James Nachtwey's TED story

Protected posts?

Confusing stuff: NSLog and SystemSoundID

How not to do business, in two takes

How to rename project in Xcode 3.x

Obsolete Google Adsense links makes WordPress post go empty

Moved to new domain

MSN Messenger viruses become more clever

Upgrading Wordpress, the *nix way

Adobe's registration problems

Rounded form buttons

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Make your own UB7: Apple iPhone headphones + ER6i buds

The Empress

Small update for ADxMenu

iPhone developer program enrollment doesn't work?

ADxMenu accessibility update for IE6

em-based typographic grid

Photography section updated - wow!

Clean sweep in Indian Wells

That annoying neighbor

IE8 test: z-index problem is no more

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IE8 beta1 ships, standardista rejoys

Apple fixes MacBook Pro graphic issues

Ana I

DOCTYPE switch, part II

Dear PayPal, have you heard of Unicode?

Things not to do in shareware software

The most idiotic design decision in Unix/Mac OS X

Leopard is the late beta, at best

XSLT processing quirk

How to RDC in console mode, in Leopard

More eBay frauds



Howto: T-Mobile 3G USB modem on Leopard

eBay frauds

Leopard launch at Apple Store in Regent Street, London

Kimi, finally

Return - web design review

F1 spy scandal


Paris, France


Visual Studio installation is the most CPU intensive application


The Lord of the Rings - on stage

Dear Apple: please eat your own dog food

Font rendering on Windows and Mac

@media 2007


Off to @media London

It's good to win

Post-processing magic

McLaren resurrected

April's dulls

innerHTML kills event handlers

Sony SZ1XP/C: battery problem resolved


It starts



Donations. Custom work

Wal-Mart Video Downloads - amateurism par-excellance

Yahoo Mail

MovieCollector templates

ADxMenu v4.10

IE7 bug: will not render z-index change on li:hover

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Ads off

By an inch...

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ADxMenu v4 - flyout (drop-down) menu

$1m a week

Move iTunes library between computers

Changing WindowsXP username while keeping the existing apps intact

Reinstalling Sony VAIO

What good 404 page can do

Insert HTML page into another HTML page

Google Analytics

AWStats log analysis

Relaxed dead centre layout

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ReviewMe review

Ads and affiliates

Mighty Mouse

Flash ActiveX bug: object 404

BootCamp and Parallels/VMWare to share the same WinXP install?

iTunes love and hate


Sony SZ1XP/C

IE7 bug 2: not defaulting left on abs. positioned elements to 0

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IE7 float clearing

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IE7 bug 1: nested list (abs. positioned) is overrun by preceding link's background colour

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Interface themes

2006 F1 season

IE language packs


No comments

XP Camping

Australia madness

IE7 is ADxMenu compatible

Malasya '06

Bahrain 2006



How to switch buttons on MX900 mouse and whole lot more

McLaren '06


iPhoto 6: party like it's...1996?

Oh, please...

"Get more XX" should open in tab

How to install Logitech MX900 drivers on Windows 2003

Service Pack saga

Craziest web page title


Ugly is trendy?

Fernando goes to McLaren for '07

Online shops and refunds

Automatic tab focus - no more

Akismet is ON

direction:rtl breaks CSS layouts in IE

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WordPress theme: aplus Lady


Awesome Gorillaz

No, you know I can't do that

ASP best practices: be very careful

Flickr, please optimize your pages

Belgrade rocks

Season closure

Best race of the season

RS.GetRows() considered harmful

Trip to Tunisia

Rossi rulez

Champion crowned in Brasil

Spa 2005

Can anyone challenge McLaren?

Any plan, Mr. President?

Hail Turkey!

IE6 + scriptaculous + QuickFind BHO = pure virtual function call error = IE crash

A week in the life of...

How can anyone be angry at Molly?!

Just die already!

Hungary 2005

Ooooh, yes!


Hockenheim 2005

PearPC - Mac OS X on PC


The Bourne Supremacy

Embeding Flash in web page

Backslashes gone


French GP

Sentosa Island

Singapore impressions

US Grand Prix


Things not to do in Singapore

Oh, Canada...

The Lord of the MotoGP


Blog in serbian


EU GP to forget

Upgrade to 1.5. Theme update.

Revenge of the Sith

The underdogs wins!

Age of Empires III

Monaco GP

Spain Grand Prix

End of the road?

AllOfMP3 - how NOT to do online business


San Marino GP

Using Shuffle without iTunes

Overlapping Windows

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Bahrain Grand Prix

Rounded corners

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Away interupt

Sepang heat

Download aplus theme

iPod Shuffle file structure


F1 physical

Comments approved


New fonts

Keyboard for life


Canon PowerShot S1 IS

License change

Design I can smile at. It was about time.

This blog runs WP 1.5 now

Small update

Yasmeen. Refined.

Visit Old Trafford

My TFT monitor is back

Click keyboards

Product activation

Altec Lansing arrives and takes the throne

Dream is complete

Tabs revisited

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Tip: input sizing in IE

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Disk Order

I work faster on Win than Mac

A big...

St. Nicholas, our slava

As hours pass by

My dad

Porsche.GB with new (web) engine

The ultimate drop menu

Georgedan Busholevic

So much love

New ADxMenu in sight


Open source mine

New server. Nice permalinks. Lots of headache.

Westciv award

Why I use WordPress now

New attire


Drawings as desktops


There's some light at the far end...

ASP-JScript problems

Community universe

The sole reason for using IE these days

Correct out of wrong

Effect of z-index on AP and RP elements

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I have a new monitor

Worth it

Batman. (Maybe) a good one.

Do not use this product!

Windows font smoothing case study

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Searching for perfect mail client...

Back to Beg

Off to Ireland...

My Firefox setup

Mac OS X...happily running on my AMD Athlon

Four variants of drop-down menu

Centered, framed layout

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Best vacation ever

Summer vacation in sight

I hate this thing called IE

Wonderful images

Writing print articles

Great song that should've been a winner

Short MT rant


Drop-up menu

New, improved blog

Moment in the life of... and IE freeze

Small bug fix

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Vertical menu examples


Javascript's hidden gems

WCH3. Works in IE5.0+

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Monkey business

Of Standards and People

WCH 2.5 - IE 5.0 support

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Crystal night

Formula 1

Spark of hope


ADxMenu2 - the usability script

Child selectors and IE/Win!

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ADxMenu2 - pure CSS multilevel menus


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Going X

SSL fix for IE

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Project Gutenberg

Amazingly stupid feature of ad-blocking sw

Viagra Prank

Validating forms

Styling form fields

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Two-level navigation

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Software localization

Importance of correct goals

Yasmeen Ghauri II

Yasmeen Ghauri

Here they come...

Go left. Go right. Stay in line.

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In the vineyard

January 7th

Living with css-discuss

Installing RAID 0...

Lord of the Rings


From 5-level-nested-tables to clean CSS design

Can you place layers over flash files or drop downs?

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Going cross-platform


Hack: To or not to

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Bad and good UI

Text eligibility testing

Big cat has arrived

Usability improvement for MT

Towards smaller download

Work in progress...

Multiple IE version on one machine

Next IE will finally be standard-compliant

Escape to fantasy


Those things that refuse to obey

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IE "phone-book"

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No spans. IE z-index thingie fixed.

Multiple, synchronous, onload functions

Revised for versatility

DHTML menu using semantic markup