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Try Couch to 5k - iOS and device charts

Less than a month ago, I said that next major update of my running apps will support iOS 6 and up. Well, scratch that - it will be iOS 7 only, for few reasons:

  • I got inspired and did a much, much larger work than originally intended, which added a full month of work to original timeline.
  • iOS 7 is just around the corner. By the time I get this tested, packaged and ready, iOS 7 GM build will be available for dev and Apple will call for app submissions.

My original idea was to submit an iOS 6 version, work out eventual kinks and bugs and then submit iOS7 only update. As it is, it will be trial by fire with new features, new UI and all on the brand new iOS, but I think it’s worth it - this 3.0 update will be a killer one.

With that said, I needed to do some more preparation. I looked at the charts and stats provided to me by FlightPath - a TestFlight live app usage service (I recently got into the private beta - this is an awesome thing they are building there).

Here are some very interesting things, from the last month of usage (Jul 19 to Aug 19, 2013).

iOS versions


Geographic locations

The most interesting piece of info here is just how much iPhone 4S is popular. And if you add both iPhone 4 models, it appears that about 62% of my existing customer base is using older iPhone models, not the flagship iPhone 5.

And just about everyone in the iOS tech is expecting that rumored iPhone 5C will mean EOL for both 4 and 4S. If that happens, Apple will again kill their popular baby and replace it with a whole new product in the same line, like they did with iPod mini/nano.

However that turns out, this is extremely important for me as I have done all my dev work so far on an iPhone 5 and will seriously step up testing on 4/4S in upcoming days. These people might all be ready for a big upgrade (two year contracts and such) but still…it’s an awful lot of people.