Review: WaterField Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad

I’ve long been hearing about WaterField, from the blogs I follow. Two main impressions crystallized over time: good products and good customer support. So when I was getting the iPad brought over from the US, I took the opportunity to order their sleeve case.

I prefer the sleeve case to larger bags. I want my gadgets to be fittingly protected when carried and I’ll then buy a larger bag and just throw each in.

I use Incase sleeve cases for my laptops and in fact wanted to get their sleeve for the iPad too, but was unable to order because they insist on US-based billing address for the card. In this age, that’s rather stupid and it’s hurting their business, but such as life, they sure have their reasons.

Thus after checking out few other bags, I decided on WaterField’s. They offer several bag options for iPad and after checking out each, decided on Ultimate model. I especially liked the vertical model, as I could see it fitting perfectly on the side and not dangling back and forth as I walk and getting in the way of my hands. I picked up the larger piggy back case as well, shoulder strap.

I had no problem to use my Serbian card, which was great. I was ordering about a week before the date when it needed to arrive. My cousins were in New York and the bag simply had to be there at least a day before so they could pack it up in time. The first hurdle was the email I received from Waterfield - the vertical bag was out of stock and it could be several days before they had them made. Unfortunately, this moved the delivery date past my D-day. Waterfield offered to upgrade the shipping up, with no extra charge, but it still ended up a day short. So I opted for the 2-day delivery which added 20$. As luck would have it, my cousins eventually stayed for another week, due to Iceland volcano eruption. Such as life…

The bag itself is amazing. Just as I thought, the vertical orientation is perfect and sits so good on the side that it does not get in the way at all. The fit is perfect, snug but not too tight, so it’s easy to put the iPad inside. The interior is padded with soft cloth that can wipe the iPad screen; don’t expect wonders though. In the back they added a tight pocket where you can fit a real wipe cloth, a few pieces of paper or something similarly thin.

I had this bag for over a year now, it’s looking great (especially the worn leather look it gains over time) and no defects nor malfunctions.

The bag is really sturdy and re-enforced on the edges. I can’t stress enough how important that is - if the bag is ever dropped, I’m pretty sure it will protect the iPad even from several meters high.

The piggy back case is very simple, obviously aimed for carrying the wall charger and cables and maybe few more simple items. It was one flaw though - the material it’s made from is the same as the sleeve case. When two of these rubs during walking, they make very annoying sound, especially inside the hallways where it’s sufficiently silent environment. Solution would be to have very small piece of velcro on the back of the piggy case that will attach itself to the main bag.

I plan to do this myself, once I have the time.

In the meantime, I’m using my old usual carry around little bag, which can attach to the iPad bag perfectly. This way I carry these two using one shoulder strap and I can detach the smaller bag when needed and carry just it. Perfect combination.

I’m very happy with the bag and would recommend it to any iPad owner. Without the piggy back case though, at least until Waterfield does something about the noise.

In the mean time, being so happy with this bag, I ordered a whole set of bags and sleeves for the laptops. I got the Suede Jacket sleeve case for both mine and my wife’s notebooks and also Vertigo vertical bags (seriously, don’t ever buy horizontal orientation ever).

Could not be happier with any of these and I plan to keep getting their stuff.