How not to do business, in two takes

I went for 10 days of “disconnected” vacation and when I returned I found some really unwelcome news.

One is that Photoshelter Collection is being immediatelly discontinued – for reasons that leave me with 0% faith that those people are worth investing any time and effort, for any product. I guess I can count myself lucky I spent two nights total in uploading my photos.

The other, seriously worrying piece of news is Apple’s rejection of an iPhone application because it duplicates the feature already present in their desktop application. If this is not mistake by some approval editor, it’s utterly despicable. As I’m working on my own iPhone app (first of several planned) it sends a chill of uncertainty down my spine.

Fraser Speirs, John Gruber, Harry McCracken, Paul Kafasis, Dave Winer have more.

Things were much more rosy before the vacation. :(