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Leopard launch at Apple Store in Regent Street, London

There was a good deal of interest in the store, and lots of buying

(Photo: Aleksandar Vacić)

My business trip to London coincided with the Leopard launch. Of course I could not miss that, even though I did not buy anything, due to me being very busy on Friday and completely forgetting to transfer the money to an account connected with my card 1.

The store was chock full and the queue was running around the store. On the entrance you got Leopard themed t-shirts. Rather lame (I don’t like this supernova X design) and only in one size, which is M; it looks like british people are mostly thin. Who would’ve known

It was interesting watching it all. People were in rather long queues in front of the registers, even though arriving tomorrow will give you probably no waiting at all. Lots of people were buying Macs, some even going with two or three. The workshop at the top was fully seated plus some people standing (first time I saw that in this store).

A testimony for the iPod brand strength is that there was queue for buying iPods too - lots of those in queues were taking home various side-buys apart from Macs and Leopard.

For the fun, I asked one of the guys running around (fetching stuff that people bought) can I buy a MacBook Pro with custom hard disk. I expected sorry, please come in tomorrow but he actually said sure, although it might take up to an hour. Well, what can you say - just great.

There were some people in Apple shirts that did not do any selling, mostly speaking with people. Some had rather hard-to-miss outfits. ;)

Take a look at assorted photos I took last evening - I hope they catch the atmosphere.

1 - Debit card I’m using abroad and for internet shopping is connected to an account that has just a few euros on it. When I want to buy something, I transfer the money to it using online banking. This way, even if someone stills the data you left online, he can’t rob you of anything.

I strongly recommend this practice.