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Dear PayPal, have you heard of Unicode?

PayPal understands only Latin1?

“ć” is letter. Maybe not in Latin1, but certainly is in Unicode.

This is far from first time that I have issues like this. I recently bought the promo bundle on macupdate.com and entered the same letter in my last name, which gave me 12 serial numbers based on “Aleksandar Vaci**ć**” because it converted the letter into HTML entity.

To PayPal’s credit, at least they don’t allow this to happen so I don’t have to see a display as ugly as this:

With compliments from mupromo.com

This also happened when I bought TopStyle Pro few years ago, through eSellerate.

What is it with these web sites?

Are they all based on decade old code snippets, before the wide spread use of Unicode and UTF-8? How can any current website allows itself the luxury of not using Unicode, in this era of globalization?

Amateurish, to put it mildly.