The Lord of the MotoGP

The Singapore heat is unbearable for me today and it pushed me back to the hotel room for the whole afternoon. Which turned out not that bad, as I had a chance to watch Catalunya MotoGP. First few laps were amazingly exciting, but that’s not I want jiving here about.

It’s Rossi.

The guy is absolutely amazing. He went from 6th to 2nd in one lap and in one moment even 1st in opening laps. He then waited for 16-17 laps, just driving close enough to Gibernau who lead from lap 4. And then Rossi simply exploded, set the 1.5s faster circuit record than Sete’s own from last season and stayed ahead. There was no chance for Sete to even try, he could not get nowhere near to him.

Doctor. The Master of the 2-wheels racing.

It must be really frustrating to everyone else in the field.