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The Bourne Supremacy

This is one of the best action movies I have ever seen in my life. The Bourne Identity was great, but this one is even better. Pure action, no small talk, no kiddin' around. Great attention to details, characters speak their own languages. And a hellishly good story. Perfect fast-paced movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Bourne Supremacy

Camera moves are sometimes too quick and it’s hard to grasp the sequence, but it only serves to put you more into the seat next to the characters. The Moscow high-pursuit scene is so fucking good that Matrix Reloaded highway scene looks like Need for Speed intro or something like that…So damn realistic. The primary high-point of the Bourne movies - effects serve the story, not the other way around. One does not even notice the effects here, unless reminded about them.

Can’t wait the next one. There must be more - these two parts are so good that they kick ass to all James Bond, Jack Ryan and Etan Hunt combined. Come on, let there be another movie like this.