I had a good start. I knew Fernando couldn’t risk too much and I was willing to risk a bit more and it really paid off.

Damn right! It was about time for Montoya to win and what better place to do it than in the McLaren’s home. Kimi was again severely hampered today with engine-penalty, starting from 12th, reaching only 3rd. As I said for the previous race - once you get stuck behind Trulli, you can kiss your race goodbye. Consistency must be important for Jarno… It’s kind of surprising that Schumacher did not even try to overtake Trulli. At least once, but no. I can imagine Kimi’s frustration rising and rising when everyone in front of Trulli going away 1s/lap and he’s stuck behind him and M.S. with higher fuel load.

Shit happens.

Hopefully, in the next race he would start from the place he deserves. And he should really, really learn when to let go - he posted a fastest lap time in the last lap! That’s immature and he should know better by now.