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The qualifying system for the races in 2006 is going to be very tough to understand

Maybe for you Mr. Mosley…maybe for you.

I stated several times in the past that Mosley and co. are trying hard to kill off F1 as I love it. And now he thinks that one of the most interesting ideas in years is going to be confusing. What the fuck is confusing here:

  • All cars go out in the 1st 15 mins

  • Slowest five are eliminated

  • The remaining cars go out again and run for another 15mins

  • Slowest five are eliminated

  • What’s left of the cars (10 or 12) fight for top positions in the remaining 20mins

Man - this is going to be more interesting than the race itself. Ever since they changed the old format where drivers were fighting until the last few seconds, the Saturday crowd numbers were declining - it was just not interesting with one or two runs. I mostly stopped watching the qualifications in the last two years.

I bet this will bring the people back. Mosley, please kindly keep your nose out of this.