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New ADxMenu in sight

You might’ve not noticed, but beta version of ADxMenu 3 is up since the new blog was published. There are still loose ends in the enterprise version, but the hardest part is over and I can proudly say that it promises to be the menu, for all sites and possible uses.


  • submenus can freely go one over another, even in IE (no unwanted overlap anymore)

  • clean separation of IE hacks in separate .css file, which only IE loads

  • reworked whatever:hover so it deals only with menu elements (no page-onload freeze anymore)

  • three different version, so you can pick what suits you best

  • mildly simpler CSS

I’ll be away this weekend, but you can expect full write-up next week. Until then, please report errors you find (and in which browser, version) in comments.