Here they come...

I had one stupid blog spam attack few months ago when someone posted meaningless garbage on one blog entry. Last night, it happened again. First time I thought it was some mad idiot take it on it. But now it seems that my posts gets linked to and that spammers find me through them. Last night someone (something?) posted the following as 7 consecutive comments on Going cross-platform: 



Subject: d1rKfE(DA463ACC,author)Ycj nXtRh


Previous attack was also on ADxMenu entry, so I guess those are the most popular ones. Since I’m running MT 2.661, I first though “ok, you slimy bastard, you won’t get any Page Rank boost with this”. And then I saw that URL field was populated with which is useless. Typing this into browser lead me to and somehow I don’t believe that AOL would have any interest in doing this.

What then, was the point of this? If there was any…