Web dev

AWStats log analysis

DreamHost, where all my sites are located, offer Analog log analyzer as your window into visits demography. Analog is not bad, but it has horrible user interface and it seems it is not developed anymore.

A much better alternative is AWStats, which is not only free, but actively developed too. I have installed the 6.5, latest stable version and for now only have the last 24h data. Interesting stuff, nonetheless :)

Unique visitors for the last 24h

This blog has almost 1000 unique visitors per day, which is twice more than my Serbian blog and Yasmeen site combined. Not a bad value; I wonder will it fall off now when ads are added to the site. ;)

Top browsers

The uptake of the IE7 is going fairly good. In just few months, it already has almost 20% of entire IE share. Even though this is web development web site, IE is still majority browser, with Firefox storms into second place. Uptake of Firefox 2.0 is going very, very well.

Entry pages

This was a small surprise to me. Not only are both feeds the most popular pages on the web site, by a large margin, but the home page got only 7th place. This is very valuable data, especially for the ad placement strategy. The biggest surprise is the amazing placement of Drawings post - it might be a hick-up for the last day - I will closely watch this in the following weeks.

It’s been a long time since I looked at any logs. I tried to analyze before, but Analog was so uninspiring. AWStats is a different story all together - if you haven’t tried it before, do so now.