Web dev

Living with css-discuss

Several months ago, when I turned serious about CSS-based design and structural markup, I joined the css-discuss list. Most of the known names were there and I could learn a lot just by reading what other people said. Here and there, I responded to other people’s troubles.

It was fine until I got into a very busy period, working dozens of hours a day. Sheer amount of daily e-mails from the list, which can go from 40 to over 100 takes up at least 1-2h a day, if you really want to read and understand what is said. I just don’t have that time.

I tried several things.

I can only admire people that actually have time to copy the problematic code, find a solution and post an answer. People like Mike Landis, Zoe Gillenwater, Big John & Holly Bergevin and many more I just can’t remember at the moment.

I don’t how they manage to do it, but they deserve eternal gratitude.

How do you do it?