Web dev


I first heard about AdSense few days ago, while crusing through daily blogs. Finally an ad-punching technology that actually gives you ads you are interested in.

I signed up, received confirmation in 24h and placed it online. Their script dynamically insert one iFrame to the page and writes ads in it. This script caused my Firebird 0.6 and 0.6.1 to sometimes (too often to ignore) write whole page in white, with an error

google_write_tracker is not defined

I wrote to Google support team and was pleased to receive the quick answer. Not the one I was expecting though. They were unable to see the problem and recommended me to upgrade to 0.6.1 (I was using 0.6 then). I did, problem persisted.

I could choose. Remove AdSense or change the script myself. I really didn’t want to remove AdSense (they were not given proper chance yet) so I downloaded the script and changed the offending Line 92 to this:

if (typeof(google_write_tracker) != "undefined")


Original script did not have typeof check. This is possibly Mozilla/Firebird problem, and someone else will have to check that out.

I’m happy now. Please report if the page goes all white again.