Fresh macOS setup

These are the apps and utilities I installed to get my machine ready for daily work (almost exclusively iOS development in Xcode).

Ever since I first got my MacBook Pro in 2006, I have always upgraded macOS versions. Even when switching from one MBP to another. Few times I wanted to start fresh and each time I was too lazy to do it. Getting a desktop machine was finally a good enough incentive.


These are essential in a sense: “needed to setup other software”


Note for developers: this XcodeBenchmark project is probably the best test of coding/compiling performance of the given machine.


Important: when transitioning to a new machine, always export Xcode developer profile from old machine, import on new one.

From Mac App Store, I’m getting:

Now for some command line goodies.

Other apps

From Mac App Store, I’m getting:

Few other miscellaneous tweaks: