I am speaking at VoxxedDays Belgrade 2015

A lively local bunch have taken on themselves to organize a tech conference in Belgrade, at start of October.

Why you should care?

If you are interested in one (or more) of the myriad of topics announced so far, you should get yourself a ticket, which are still in the early bird phase.

Second – have you seen the awesome illustration used as background for the web site? It perfectly illustrates the vibe this conference aims for. :)

Third – October is one of the nicest months to visit this city. Plus the venue is amazing, right in the heart of the downtown Belgrade. If you are unfimilar with Serbia, checkout #MySerbia hashtag on Twitter.

Fourth – I’m speaking on it. ☺️ My talk will be on WatchOS 2 apps with emphasis on what you should do to have a good chance of being featured by App Store editors.

I hope I have at least picked your interest and hopefully will see you in October.