DHL international express - do not use

I have recently ordered a product from the web site in Hungary. They had a great price on the particular product I was after. The only shipping option they had for me (to Serbia) was DHL Express. I used DHL once way back in the 90s –  from USA to then Yugoslavia – and was far from happy with the service on the serbian end. Since the price of the product was twice better than anywhere else in Europe (103€), I went for it, hopping local DHL improved.

Turned out they did, but not much.

The shipping costs, as listed in MobilX site were 13€ to ship into Serbia, with 1-2 business days time frame. Since I ordered few days before Orthodox Easter, I wasn’t really expecting it in that time frame. I didn’t mind that, I was not even at home during the holiday. So, on next Tuesday, I checked the site, saw that it has arrived into Serbia, that it was delayed at customs and called DHL.

I knew that I should go through the customs import procedure where things could take a day or two, so I wanted to speed things up. I went through 3 different persons with no luck, finally the 3rd telling me that someone will call me with more info “in few minutes”. Almost 5h later someone did call me, to tell me that my package needs to go to the customs and that_ I need to pay 3540din for DHL service for custom declarations_ + any customs expenses based on the package price.

Initially I was shocked. 3450din is 3000din for their service + 18% VAT. So, VAT excluded, they were charging me additional 31€ for doing the customs procedure in my name. I did not want to pay this so I asked for information about the package and wanted to do that myself.

Like, yeah.

First, there’s immensely stupid Serbian Law that says that only regular postal packages can be declared to customs by ordinary people. Express packages must go through certified customs agent. This is utter bullshit as there is nothing different in the paperwork. This is clearly a setup for the various express courier companies (DHL, UPS, many other local ones that have sprang off the ground in Serbia, in last few years) to charge abnormal service charges on top of their regular shipping charge.

So, my only option was to try and find some other customs agent with better rates.

However, in order to actually do that, I need to buy the shipping list from DHL for mere 944din + unknown amount per day, for keeping the 300g package in their storage until the process is done. That’s 10€ + unknown amount. Adding the other agent rate, this could very well again be 30€ or even more.

Out of options here, I sent the payment to DHL with appropriate papers and was anxiously waiting to see what exactly I’m being charged for. Things did not finish there though, as this customs procedure took 2 days – I payed 31€ for that? – and then took two more days until actual delivery. You see, even though I sent two emails when can I be reached at home and left contact phone and alternative address (my office) I still missed the delivery guy for 15mins who came to my home address at about 6:25pm, did not find anyone there and left. I arrived home 10mins later. I immediatelly called their office, they told me that deliveries can be made after 10am and in about 6-8pm, even though their working hours are 8am-8pm. We huggled for some minutes on is it possible that delivery is made after 7pm when I knew I will be home and apparently it was impossible since it could be anywhere between 6-8pm and they can’t tell me precisely. Jolly.

The whole experience was abysmal and the DHL was nothing but problematic. The hidden charges are simply despicable and the shipping charge is blatant lie. (This has nothing to do with MobilX, they are probably using whatever DHL gave them as rates). I know that this is all down to local DHL office, but to me, as customer, that is irrelevant. It’s their job to get all their branches in order, because they are all called DHL. It’s one brand and the bad experience damage entire brand.

Just to clear any doubt - mentioned 31€ is pure DHL charge. Actual charges that Serbian Customs office is taking for filing the papers are 300din+600din (a bit less than 10€) and these were payed by me, clearly shown on the invoice given. Thus it’s not transparent customs charge that DHL is graciously doing for me as certificed customs agent - it’s DHL ripping people off.

And what do they do for those 31€? I fill two Word document templates they sent me, they fill half of another paper (half is done by the customs clerk on arrival) and fax all three to the customs office. I also pay the charges directly to them and customs office, they don’t process any money in my name. Like I said, this law is clearly a setup for the shipping sharks.

They basically do nothing. The airway transport from Hungary to Italy to Serbia costs 13€ and this paper shuffling costs 31€. Absolutely despicable abuse of the local laws. This is the last time I have ever used DHL and would actively dissuade anyone I know from using their services.