The best season ending ever

Last year, Lewis Hamilton fucked up 17pts lead in the last two races. This year, he had 7pts over Massa and up until 2 laps from the end he looked to be the champion.

Then Vettel passed him and Hamilton did not have any chance to catch him. No chance at all and I was watching in horror how McLaren was going to lose the title again, at the end. I was so horrified that I did not even see that both of them passed Glock two corners from the end. Glock stayed on dry tyres while the rain fell and he barely kept the car - he was 1:44 in the last lap to Hamilton’s 1:24. Gamble from Toyota team that nearly gave them 4th place. Gamble of Toyota team that nearly destroyed McLaren’s year.

Lewis Hamilton wins the title!

I don’t think there was ever a championship decider like this. Man, I still can’t believe what happened. Absolutely amazing, thrilling, fabulous.

McLaren has the Champion, after so many, many years that I lost count. It’s time to celebrate.