Post-processing magic

I’m trying out Adobe Lightroom, and so far I’m thrilled how much power it gives you over your photos.

Ana in Paris

Exposition all wrong, overblown highlights, details buried…blaaah

You have certainly had those moments. You’re abroad, excited to be where you are and do not pay much attention to status display. You just shoot and shoot, trying to capture as much atmosphere as possible.

Only after you get home you see that some very dear photos are…well, not that good. Despair often ensues, when you realize that there is no going back - you may get there again, but that one moment, that single memory is gone and can’t be recreated.

I used to fix this in Photoshop, but it was tiresome to do it and took way too much time. And I never really mastered the photo re-touch in Photoshop, all that I did was mostly stumbling in the dark until the sudden light.

Lightroom on the other hand, is a miracle in simplicity and power; in under 10s, with just few mouse moves in the histogram palette - et voila.

Ana in Paris

Look, there is color in the sky!

Add-in fantastic crop tool and this alone is well worth the price. There will be a whole post or two about this honeyweek of ours ;) but I had to share my joy about Lightroom. I’m so happy going through 1500+ images I took in Paris - it’s a joy to develop them.