Along with terrific (Leopard) announcements at WWDC today, Apple has unveiled the new design for entire web site. Much more shades of gray, really pleasing for my eyes.

New design

It almost validates, with just 3 HTML error vs. HTML 4.01 Transitional, while CSS is far from valid - 35 errors, almost 100 warnings.

They will hopefully fix this. Actually, in the light of today’s announcements, it’s almost an obligation. At the very end, when talking about iPhone app development, Jobs said that all you need is standard compliant web pages.

If iPhone catches traction as Apple is expecting, this could potentially turn a lot of high-profile web apps into standards waters. Potentially really, as no knows what the impact will be.

It doesn’t hurt to hope though. I’m certain every little web-2.0 hopeful out there would really want to run on iPhone.