Web dev


I started using ma.gnolia.com several months ago, as I realized that my Firefox bookmarks.html creeps close to 2MB, out of which I regularly use about 50. Rest is just nice to save. I went through several online bookmark managers and chose the flowery site because it has a nice interface and it works just fine. The Mini Ma.rker that you use to add new bookmarks is nicely done.

Apart from the fact that I much too often see this:

Where’s my interface dude?

If you can point me to the save button, you’re my hero.

Clicking on input box and hitting Enter key does the job, but that’s not the point. And this happens after quite a while:

Oh, there it is…

1.42min to get that shit of the screen? 231kB for a popup that should open instantly and allow quick bookmark save? Note, I have 512kbps ADSL connection

I really dig the interface. Really. But it wears off after a while and I just want to use the app. If you can’t rewrite it to be smaller, remove it completely. It does not matter that it looks like a glitch in the cache system - it would not even be a possibility of the glitch if it was simpler.

prototype.js, script.aculo.us & co. - nice and dandy and all, but please ditch it. It’s over-bloated I-want-to-be-everything-for-everyone library that long ago went past the point of being usable for a public website.