F1 spy scandal

I have not written much about F1 this season, which is rather strange when my favourite team is dominating the championship and their two drivers have the sort of relationship Senna and Prost had when they were driving in the McLaren.

However, after the WMC decision last night, I feel I need to make my stance on this. It’s really simple: it is absolutely stupid, unfounded and unfair decision.

If McLaren was really found guilty, they should have been thrown out, not just this year, but also for the remaining years for which the current rules apply. Since that is not the case, I can only conclude that WMC did not have enough evidence but have to do something. Ferrari was whining and fuming for months, that idiot Briatore just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut, everyone was crying thief.

And they fined McLaren $100 million, minus the money lost out of this year’s money share and effectively shortened McLaren’s budget for the next year for at least 25%. Of course Ferrari whiners are happy - the losers will win the biggest cut of the money and they will have excuses why are they so weak compared to McLaren this year.

I will repeat it, because it is so simple: if they are guilty, do not let them race anymore. Period. Since they are still racing, they are not guilty. Fining McLaren in this unprecedented way makes them look like cheaters. And if that is the case, letting them still race then is like letting doped bikers to continue racing. It is so stupid and idiotic decision that I can’t believe they made it.

Just think: two prime suspects in all this are Nigel Stepney and Mike Coughlan, and they were not asked anything - the only ones speaking were McLaren stuff. How in the hell is that possible, if it wasn’t for the sole desire to punish McLaren no matter what.

I am firmly with Dennis and Haug on this. I have to say this for the who knows what time: Max Mosley and his charade of the governing body are complete idiots and the sooner they leave motor sport the better will all be.