Donations. Custom work

I actually had the donations page for few months now, but only recently added the PayPal option. As the page says, scripts and techniques are free to use. If however, any of the stuff here saved you a day’s work, made the sun shine stronger or generally made your day - consider donating; for a Guinness pint or two or bottle of fine rose wine - it would suffice. :)

There are two options: PayPal, the usual favourite and 2checkout.com. If you have a PayPal account - and it’s getting really hard to find anyone without one - that’s the most convenient option.

Work hire

Those two are also equally usable for payments. If you need some specific variation of the code featured on this site or some other small and specific work done - feel free to contact me.

In the past, when I had more free time, I was happy to code-in anything. Lately - even though still happy to accept any challenge - I picked up some old interests: drawing, book reading (Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time will keep me busy for a long while :)) along with other personal developments which I might write about soon.

Whatever the case, it’s much harder to justify spending few hours a day tweaking CSS code versus a nice tea or coffee and a book.

You send your requirement and I will quickly return with time-frame and quote. At the moment, being fully employed on a demanding job, I’m able to take only rather small stuff. As small is variable matter :) best would be to contact me and we will discuss it.