Malasya '06

Renault is very impressive and things already don’t look too good; meaning - it looks like repeat of the last year. Kimi was hit in the first lap by Klien and this was the end of his race. The switch from Sakhir to Sepang ended up in lots of over burned engines so both Williams, Red Bull cars died, plus some others.

Ferrari surprisingly did not order Felipe to let Schumacher through :) and Fisico and Alonso did not even hinted that something like that might happen. It would be shame not to mention BanzaiMan - he managed to pass Liuzzi in that junk of the car that he has. It does not matter that Liuzzi passed him back - Sato still did it. :)

First 1-2 for Renault in 24 years, 100% rightfully won, simply - hats off.