How to switch buttons on MX900 mouse and whole lot more

Logitech SetPoint software woes again. One of the things that troubles me most with this software is that I can’t permanently set left button as right click and vice-versa. SetPoint software does not allow that, and when I do it through Control Panel it is back to default after logout. Now, this software is anything between 30MB and 50MB download heavy and it does allow you to do such basic stuff. Maybe to protect me from being stupid and setting both buttons to right click or something? Who knows, but certainly is annoying.

You see, I use the mouse with my left hand (and I’m not left-handed) even though MX900 is ergonomic model for use with the right hand.

Reason is simple, really - the only two good BT mouses on the market are this and MS Intellimouse and they are both right-hand only. The other mouses on the market are simple entry models. There are no neutral versions which is really a shame. It seems that bluetooth-enabled mouse market is rather small. :S

Anyway, Logitech’s software…the answer to all my problems is what else but enthusiasts that know: uberOptions pack by Richard Lowens. His options pack - in his own words - simply changes Logitech’s own XML files. Now, Logitech - why you don’t have this, via some Basic / Advanced modes? I mean, really…such a fabulous piece of hardware is being crippled by mediocre software package.

Richard, many, many thanks.