Bahrain 2006

It started nice. Really. Even though McLaren had terrible start.

I’m surprised that Renault was this good. I expected Williams to be better, but even though they have possibly the best engine, rest of the package is troublesome. It repeats the pattern of their partnership with BMW - very strong engines, but average in whole. Williams needs to change something in their development team/process.

McLaren continues where it left off. Crash and burn before the race and then let the WonderBoy do some magic. For once, I would like him to start from the front and finish that same race. And Toyota…man, that team must be cursed. I have no other explanation and if something miraculous doesn’t happen, they better close the shop.

Alonso drove superbly, as well as Schumacher. But if someone should be picked, it must be Nico Rosberg. He scored points on his debut race and set the fastest lap in the race. If it wasn’t for that stop at the start, he might have be on the podium. Really great, it’s very nice to see another young driver with lots of promise. Just imagine - Alonso, Raikkonen, Rosberg - they will drive at least 10 more years. We already have the rivalry between the first two - adding the 3rd driver to the mix would be awesome.

Interesting season opener, will see how it all goes in Sepang where Michelin-based runners should again take victory.