I never intended it to be six months.

This journal is springing back to life, with many changes. The entire site now uses UTF-8 as charset, thus you can freely use your prefered language. I have tried to find most of the cyrillic and serbian latin characters that were saved as HTML entities and replace them with proper letters. Derek Sivers’s experience helped me a great deal.

Entire website now shares the same look & feel, because I have finally figured out how to integrate my non-blog content with WordPress (without using Pages). As you can see, the layout is very clean and will stay like this until I get inspired enough to do something visually strong.

All the “side” content is reorganized - I’d like to think it is made better - and some are recoded. Among other things, ADxMenu is upgraded to v4, something I promised to do…long time ago. I really think it was worth the wait - I’m very happy with how it turned out. There will be a separate post about it. All the other examples will be redone, in time.

I have changed the way I use categories - they are now more like tags. WP makes it easy to do that, with on-the-fly category add. I have shuffled posts into various categories and I’m bound to have a bunch of dead links throughout the old posts. In time, I will probably get all that in order.

Oh, one last note: if you are testing out IE7 RC1, then load this site. Look at the top, hover mouse over Lab or WCH or ADxMenu. Where have all the items in the submenu gone..? We (web devs) are in for an unpleasantly hot winter.