Ads off

I have removed the graphical ads from my pages, as well as PerformancingPartners ad from ADxMenu and WCH pages.

My little experiment with LinkShare ads proved what I have suspected from the beginning. I have $0 earned. My blog is simply not applicable for such things. Even when one of my posts generated 3x surge in visits, it had not generated any sales. This is not the blog for such things, which I knew - I now simply have a hands-on experience. You need product-oriented web site in order to push people to buy anything. Things like notebookreview.com, where you can read a laptop review and then proceed to shopping if you like it.

Same thing happened with Amazon links, but they have a problem on their own, one of which I already spoke in the original post.

PerformancingPartners never really got off. I first had lots of problems with their weird validation routine, then eventually caved in to its requirements and managed to validate my blog. And then realized that the only way I can be payed is through PayPal. Lovely. They are not working in Serbia yet, thus PP are gone - I gave them enough links from my ADxMenu pages for the last month. No freebies anymore.

The only scheme actually generating any money is Google’s AdSense. Nothing spectacular - ~40$ for a month and a half - but enough to earn their place here. I’m itching to see how it will develop in the future. Currently, my page/visit levels are averaging on 3.000/1.700 a day. Things might get interesting if it rises up to 10x that, because I suspect that visitor / CtR ratio is not 1:1.