The underdogs wins!

Fabulous and fuc*ing thrilling!

Champions League final is a crown of the European football and this was finally a game worthy of that glory. Indescribable game, this had to be seen to believe. 3:0 for Milan, than 3:3 after Liverpool’s 6-minute storm. Liverpool’s players barely stood by the end of the 120 minutes. And while I write this, everyone awaits the start of the lottery…

Serghino misses. Hamman scores. Pirlo misses! (obviously no strength in him) Cisse scores! Liverpool leads 2:0! Tomasson finally scores for Milan. Now comes very important try for Englishmen. I sensed it :( - Dida defended. Great shot by Kaka. 2:2! Smicer scores and it comes to two best players. Schevcenko or Gerard. I can’t believe that he…

Liverpool is the Champion of the Europe for 2004/05!!!

Schevcenko shot so poorly, through the middle and Dudek defended his second shot this night. Of all people, Dudek is the hero. He made several serious mistakes during the match, but in the end recuperated for dozens errors made throughout the season. He was guilty for numerous defeats, he tear the hearts of fans so many times.

But now, when it matters most, he defended. It does not matter that Milan’s players were tired. He defended those shots.

Liverpool did nothing of real importance for over 20 years. I mean, they are the most successful English team in the history and in the last 20 years they won several trophies, but all in minor competitions. Two most important for them are English Premiership and Champions League (previously Cup). And they failed miserably in both.

They spent huge amounts of money for players and were cursed to not see any benefits from it. All their important signings either played bad or had serious injuries.

Just look at this year. Djibril Cisse - the best scorer of French League came as new hope after Michael Owen left - suffered a broken leg. Fernando Morientes - the best scorer of the last year’s Champ League could not play for them because he played games for Real Madrid. Pilipenko injured as well. They played barely 3rd of the games in the best line-up. So many bad luck. They could not even secure the place in the next year Champion League - they ranked 5th in Premiership, one place lower than needed. (I sure hope UEFA will be bright enough to at least let them defend the title.)

But they are champions of the strongest football league in the world and nothing else matters.