Spa 2005

The fact that I’m full four days late in writing this is telling enough. Huge work overload in recent weeks is dragging me away from the joys of life…

Perfect track, perfect qualifications, great racing and damn stupid ending. Kimi won, but that 1-2 is so damn elusive… Pizzonia crashed into the back of Montoya with no particular reason other than not paying attention. It ruined the whole damn race for me as it could have been 100% percent perfect.

Spa is never boring and this race was no exception. Horrendous rain throughout weekend amazingly missed the F1 race entirely. I was watching GP2 race before it - it was red-flagged after 2/3 of the race because of the huge crash.

One thing I noted and one of the reasons why is F1 so expensive. Each and every driver that crashed in GP2 could barely walk after getting out of the car and most had injuries either in legs or arms. Nothing serious, but still…In F1, drivers get out of the car and walk away as nothing happened. It was so painfully obvious that GP2 cars are technologically not up to the F1 standards. All those cost-savings talks are stupid and in wain. F1 will always remain very expensive no matter what is done. Ferrari will always have the biggest budget, closely followed by every other factory or semi-factory team (like Toyota, Mercedes, BMW etc).

And for the record - single tyre supplier rule is most stupidest one I have heard in years. I want more manufacturers getting in (like Pirelli and Good Year) not one of two going out. Considering the animosity between FIA and Michelin, it is likely that Michelin will get the kick out. Mosley is certainly trying his best to ruin F1.