After unsuccessful try to buy it in USA (it was sold-out in Florida’s Millenia Apple Store), a friend bought it for me in Apple’s Regent Store in London UK. £99 for the 1GB version. Why so much trouble? Because it’s €180 in Belgrade. :s

iPod Shuffle

I have it for as little over one day and so far impressions are excellent - exactly what I expected. I have left 764MB for disc use which left me with space for about 50-60 songs. Just enough for me; I’ll listen them for 2-3 days, then switch to another playlist. Then repeat. Then shuffle. And that disc size is perfect - I can backup entire CD on it plus it’s excellent for moving files from office to home and vice-versa.

good separation value

Shuffle is “only” almost perfect, though. The slider-switch, for off/order play/shuffle play, should have two or three lines on it, for better grip when switching. As glide as it is, I need to really press on it to move the slider. And tiny as it is I fear I’m gonna break it that way.

The sound is good and can be loud enough to subvert the noise of Belgrade traffic. Friend who few days ago received Creative MuVo says that Shuffle’s sound quality is good, but slightly inferior to MuVo’s. Can’t really tell - I was never an audiophile that can tell such differences. It’s just right for me.

More photos at my Flickr page.