Sepang heat

Like I cursed him.

Giancarlo and Webber crash

Just when Giancarlo had some luck and drove good in season opener, he made an amazingly stupid error in Sepang and basically handed over the team leader role to Alonso. It was obvious that Webber was quicker, he passed GF for the full length, and yet GF did not brake in time. Stupid.

McLaren continues to look good, but fails to score properly. Montoya had problems with stability and helmet vision from the early parts of the race, while Kimi suffered tyre failure which ruined the race for him. Ferrari is weak as expected and they know that - it seems that Schumacher will drive F2005 in the next race. First European race is the last chance to catch the leaders - and it’s never good waiting that far - just ask Mika Hakkinen about Barcelona 2001. (what a sh*ty year that was)

McLaren and Ferrari, outside of top 10

The biggest looser continues to be BAR team. Not only they were the only team to abuse the loophole in the FIA regulations for this season, but it did nothing good for them. They stopped both cars before the Aus race ended in order to get fresh engines for this race without penalty. And both fresh engines died after just few laps. Button is very pissed; not only BAR stopped his transfer to Williams, which are surprisingly good this year, but it gives him sh*t to drive, compared to last season. The real pity however is for Davidson, as he’s a talented young driver who did not deserve this misery.

There are more interesting bits…It seems that Toyota is finally looking as team on the good track. Podium finish plus another scorer in this race; if they do similar in the following race, they will be serious contender for the top 4 in Constructors Championship.

Renault…oh Renault, how quick, stable and strong they are. If it wasn’t for the GF stupidity, they would have back-to-back 1-3 finishes, with same engine, on two very different tracks under very different weather conditions. I really wonder what could stop them winning both titles this year.