San Marino GP

What a fantastic race end. In total contrast to last few seasons when there are excitements at the beginning and becomes dull afterwards, this race took off in its final stages. Undoubtedly thanks to great Ferrari/Bridgestone package. I’m not mentioning Schumacher who drove the car because no driver can’t do 2s/lap gap on its own.

It seems that Bridgstone’s were consistent throughout the race and got better with time, while Michelin runners had too to put up with less than stellar behavior of their tyre. It was obvious that all Michelin runners kept the same time gap in the last 20 or so laps, while only Schumacher gained 2s per lap, passed Button - in a really spectacular way, kudos for him for that - and then got behind Alonso for the last 12 laps.

No F1-live, this race will not be remembered for amazing drive put in by Michael Schumacher, but because of amazing drive put in by Fernando Alonso. It’s nothing spectacular to drive objectively faster package (saying car only will not do justice here) and gain places.

Bloody amazing! Nothing else can be said for fantastic driving performance Alonso gave today. Keeping obviously faster Ferrari, driven by extremely motivated M. Schumacher, at bay for twelve final laps… That was the deed that reminds of the late Senna and his fight with Mansell more than a decade ago when Mansell drove the technologically best car ever made.

Schumacher’s move to remember is taking over Jenson Button - almost full speed through two connected corners and through the small gap left unguarded by Button. Experience yes, but also great driver instinct.

The saddest part is Kimi’s early retirement. He was, without the doubt, giving best performance whole weekend and too see him out so early took away a good deal of excitement. Bad luck still seems to like the company of my fav team. :(