Monaco GP

I can’t really remember the last time I have seen the Monaco Grand Prix exciting like this. Exciting because of the racing, not the incidents and spectacular crashes.

I don’t have much time to write (even this post is later than previous ones), thus only a few highlights. McLaren is definitely the team of the moment. No one was the match for Kimi today. It would probably be the same with Montoya if it wasn’t for that stupid thing in the practice. McLaren went for victory for Kimi and points for Montoya and did both. Juan Pablo did a fantastic things at the start, when he slipped through 5-6 cars before the first corner. That freed him to push from the very beginning and eventually got to 5th.

Williams drivers were amazing. Yes, they were terribly faster than Renault, but to overtake in Monaco is amazingly hard. It was thrilling and so much fun to watch them breaking hard, shortening the curves, and generally giving the best show F1 can give.

Renault may seem like slipping, but I think not - they took the wrong tyre choice. They deteriorated badly in the end, more than other teams and it costs them too much. All teams used very soft compounds, but Renault seem to have taken the greatest risk. The grip is almost non-existent here, and they probably wanted to “create” it, as much as possible. No risk no gain, the saying goes. They did not gain this time, but I respect them for trying.

It’s good for the championship though, as Alonso’s advantage has diminished this small bit and if McLaren keeps the pace, it will be a close battle in the end. Even with that, I think that one DNF for Alonso would still be needed to really make it close.