Keyboard for life

The search is over.


IBM buckling-spring keyboard.

This week is definitely hardware-geek week for me.

Unexpected, like thunderstruck from the clear blue sky, this heavy beauty landed yesterday on my office table. Dirty like a herd of pigs, but flawlessly working. Every key worked and sang.

And when I say dirty, I mean repulsively dirty. I first started cleaning up without removing the keys, which was not going well. And then I accidently flipped one key out. Oh, very cool - the keys are made from two parts - the base plus the cap with printed letters. This greatly simplified cleaning.

After one row I, again accidently, flipped entire key off - both base and cap. It turned out that the keys are so perfectly made that they are easy to disassemble while being hard enough not to slide or move when attached one to each other.

dirty as hell

And then I realized just how dirty it was. Which just gives even more kudos to IBM engineers. The circular base, attached to the keyboard board perfectly fits with the key base hence none of this dirt got into the keys and they were clean as new. When I disassembled all keys, it took me 20 mins to clean up the bottom board. Another 30 mins went for the keys.

After almost 3h of cleaning, it was just perfect.

clean as new

Now, if I could find another one for the office…