How can anyone be angry at Molly?!

I just stumbled at a very interesting post at PPK’s online home. It lead me to Molly’s web site, one quite unusual figure in the whole web standards world. It appears that she took in some of the hatred directed toward Microsoft.

Molly? Molly?!

Molly’s doing an amazing thing. She is doing her best to help all web developers around the world. She spends her own free time to do this. This is not her job- she does it because she wants and she can. Nothing but pure gratitude should be given to her.

I’m even more surprised that included some people from WaSP, although Molly does not name them. WaSP people of all should know that our world would skyrocket forward once IE is better and more standard-compliant. Too many people use it and too many people will use it - it must be changed in order for web dev to progress.

I personally dislike IE as much as possible, but in no way would I ever say that anyone of MS developers is the guilty party for the way IE looks like or works. Let alone anyone from outside of Microsoft.

When you are working in a big company, the decisions are always on the managers. Always. Developers are asked, but in no way they can enforce anything. The fact that we now actually see the glimpse of changes coming in IE7 is a welcome thing. Any improvement is still an improvement.

Go Molly!