French GP

Nothing pretty much exciting around this track, as usual. Starting line-up was not promising anything good. Alonso first then Trulli second. It’s becoming a tradition that Alonso starts very well (and he did that brilliantly) and it’s a tradition that wherever you see Trulli you’ll see 5-6 drivers lined up behind him and a big gap in front. I don’t know how he manages to do that, but he always does good in qualification and then slows down everyone behind him in the race.

Add to do fact that Ferrari was behind, Ferrari which is not in the league with Renault and it was pretty obvious that no one can catch Alonso.

No one but McLarens of which Montoya was ninth but did pretty good in the race (until the car’s hydraulics died) and Kimi which was supposed to be third if it wasn’t for the stupid 10-grid-positions penalty rule. This actually destroyed the race. Kimi did a wonderful job but Alonso was too far away to catch.

Also traditionally, the producer of the tele-broadcasting is maintaining his throne as the worst producer in the entire season. It’s amazing how that person has no clue about F1 racing. Kimi is on one-pitstop-less race strategy and in such case the most important bits of information when Alonso or Kimi get out of the pit-stop is:

  1. How much fuel they got in

  2. What is the time gap between them?

We could see the first info, but second is nowhere to be seen. It kept showing that Alonso had 2(3) stops, Kimi had 1(2) stops and I kept thinking - I already know that, you idiot. What’s the time difference? It wasn’t until the end of the race - when it wasn’t even relevant anymore - that we could finally see it was 17s gap. Dumb, just dumb.