Design I can smile at. It was about time.

I was an artist. I used to create things that would make people go ahhh. I used to create web sites that people talked about.

When I look at the designs I did last year, there were maybe only one I could brag about. The rest is generic, nothing out of the ordinary. It was really depressing to think about that. Header, footer, two or three columns. Blocky, all damn blocky. And I really like to break blocks.

Where the hell has my artistic sense gone?

Thus I give you this. Design going literally out of the box. Design that gives s*it about screen sizes. It was made to be nice. It is made with one aim - to be your stop when you are looking for inspiration. If you are a designer, you certainly have such stops. I have bookmarked few web sites I visit just to admire them and get inspired. If at least one of you reading this does the same with my blog, then I’m back on the old track.

There are few problems though. IE Win gave me its share of troubles (took me half a day to sort them out). I use min-height a lot, and since current Safari does not support it, parts might overlap or get chopped off. Nothing horrible, but still not perfect, as it is in Firefox.

The navigation is powered by ADxMenu. I mean, I consider it my best piece of work and yet, in two incarnations of blog design, I did not use it. That fact really dawned on me few days ago. You dumb ass! How can you expect people to use if you don’t use it?

Not anymore folks. I eat what I cook. And with that said, my apologies to Opera 7 users. Your browser has some weird rendering issues with my menu. Sorry, but it’s not my fault.