Champion crowned in Brasil

Fernando Alonso is new F1 world champion. With masterful driving in the several first races of the season and with closest rivals having too much reliability problems he succeeded to become the youngest champion ever, at 24 years and almost two months. My sincere congratulations to the man. It is well deserved title for the Spain, who always had drivers in F1.

On the cheerful ;) side of this race, McLaren finally had its long deserved 1-2 finish. Montoya aggressively passed Alonso at the beginning and later Kimi passed him through after Alonso’s first stop (he went first of all). McLarens clearly belong to a class of their own, but it came too late. Too many DNFs, too many problems. They remain my favourite team, never boring to watch. They will most likely win the Constructors title - which is well deserved just the same.

Sidekick of the day: Renault’s mechanic who wore a shirt with “Schumacher who?” written on the back. :)