Canon PowerShot S1 IS

During recent visit to UK, I bought myself Canon PowerShot S1 IS. I wanted it ever since I read the review on They have said everything you need to know, much better than I could possibly say or test. It looks nice, like a “real” SLR camera, has 3Mpx which is just enough for an amateur like me, with two gems: 10x optical zoom and IS - Image Stabilizer.

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

However, the price in Serbia at that time was astronomical. The review says that you can find over the web in US for as low as $340, but here it was €600+, way above my limit for the first digital camera I’m going to buy.

When I left for the UK, I intentionally did not bring my Nikon compact SLR,to force myself to buy something. I first thought to buy it from one of the high-street sellers, like Jessops. Their price was £345 - still pretty much high, but somewhere in the league of current price in Serbia, which is around €420.

Luckily, a colleague from Finsoft UK told me to look on the Internet for much better deals. And there were really good deals: PriceRunner reveals online shops that sells it for around £250 - fabulous 1/3 off of the high-street price. I read the reviews for the several first listed shops and finally chose Digital First.

Being from Serbia, I first called to make sure they accept credit cards issued here. They said that it is fine, as long as I send them few scanned documents, like passport and driver’s license. No problem there.

I placed my order on Wednesday around noon and left my hotel as delivery address. DigitalFirst representative called me 15mins later, asking for the hotel’s phone number - probably wanted to check is it possible to make the delivery there.

Hotel confirmed and around 1pm I got email saying that everything is in order and that they only wait on me to send them the documents. I sent them and 2h later got the confirmation email that they have sent it out.

I payed extra £4 for AM delivery, since I planned to leave the hotel next morning. I was a bit worried will it arrive at proper time, but there was no need for it. Camera arrived at 10am, and I was happily trying it out.

Perfect timing indeed, as I went to Manchester that day. :) I’m now shooting everything I can, and you can expect that my Flickr page will have regular updates.

I’m very pleased how efficient DigitalFirst was - my warm recommendations for camera deals in UK.