Can anyone challenge McLaren?

The Lady Fortune sure can. And seems to delight in doing so.

First Kimi’s engine had to be replaced and he started 10 grid positions back (for the 3rd time this season). McLaren then changes the strategy for him to 1-pit stop and the crazy Finn sets the pole-position time with heaviest fuel load on the grid. That was simply a magnificent lap to behold. Then in the middle of the race his left rear tyre started to go to hell and had to be replaced - 24 laps is too much and he had to push which is impossible with such tyre condition. This ultimately killed all hope of finishing in front of Alonso.

Montoya also had problems with the same tyre and when I saw it 3 laps before the end I could not believe it. Was it possible that both drivers would fail and Renault will be given undeserved 1-2? Luckily, Juan managed to save the tyre and the weekend did not turn into a complete disaster.

Montoya wins monza

Alonso is 99% champion now. Only a miracle and complete twist of Lady Fortune’s mood could make Kimi champ. Too much to wish for…

And in one week time is my beloved Spa. Oh Spa, how long have I waited for you.