Best race of the season

Hell with that - probably the best race of the millennium so far. It shows again that of all the stupidities that Mosley and FIA tries to make races more exciting, the best thing they should do is to bring the rain in the middle of qualification. :)

Phenomenal racing from Kimi, Fernando, M.S. all through the race. Schumacher did really great, defending his position for several laps in front of obviously quicker Renault and McLaren. Fernando, finally not driving painfully boring (except for Imola), shows off all of his talent. The most aggressive racer on the track. And Kimi…amazing as usual with fantastic move at the end - I don’t think that there was more than 2cm between his right front and Fisico’s rear left. I think I woke up half the building screaming from joy there. ;)

Brilliant, really brilliant race, a pleasure to wake at 6:30am for such a race. Renault is 2 points ahead now but if both McLarens stay on track in China, McLaren should win the Championship. But…it will be a very close thing.