Any plan, Mr. President?

How can you take on other countries when you can’t take care of your own citizens? Don’t go there, we need you, here.

Some guy from NO said this on CNN, yesterday. And it’s a bullseye. It’s unbelievable how bad the state response was - for two full days nothing happened and it took them 5 days to actually help anyone. For a country that proud itself as the most competent in the world and where vast majority of citizens think is the best country in world - this must have been an eye opener.

I was simply amazed. At the lack of any plan, any organized effort to do something. Here in Serbia, when something similar happens, government immediately brings the army to help close the holes and evacuate endangered people. Use anything you have, but help the people. That’s the first thing you should do and later think about how much it costs, what to do with damaged houses etc.

Is it really possible that the strongest military in the world could not raise enough helicopters and transportation tracks to do the same ? Is it really possible that they could not make mobile hospitals just outside the NO with hundreds of hospital staff? All that in a matter of hours? I highly doubt.

I was deeply impressed how UK reacted to July 7th bombings. And I’m even more unimpressed how USA not reacted to the flooding. This by itself is a huge embarrassment for the USA, but with all the people dead this is tragedy. USA need some serious reconsideration of its priorities and where the tax-payers money is going. Or Cuba (with sending doctors) and North Korea (I mean, come on…) will have another field day. Sri Lanka offers to send experts for dealing with flood consequences to US? Geez…

I could write pages more but really have no heart for it. Any sane man can see it for him self.