Worth it

Paul Scrivens writes “…I am still sure there are some of you out there thinking that no matter how hard you follow each and everyone of those guidelines you still can’t seem to get the traffic you think you deserve or want…”. So he is asking people to send in the URLs that should be made more known. Even asking people to suggest their own blogs. Heh…

When I started my blog, I was eager to get connected to all these wonderful people, whose blogs I have read for some time. I spent countless night hours learning MT tags. Couldn’t wait to finish the design in time, so I posted several entries on a paperish design, with nothing but text and few colours. I wrote as much as I could. Even delayed some work at few occasions, simply to keep up the flow of posts.

I was hoping that some of the stuff I did (mostly ADxMenu and WCH) will get me lots of visitors, people that will regularly read, either directly or through RSS feed. That did not really materialized, and over time I lost interest in everyday blogging.

At one particular moment, there was a pile of work to clear up, lots of issues I wanted to tackle in blog posts, lots of personal things that demanded my attention. I tried to do all of that and burned-out.

So I went to vacation, and then deliberately did nothing but my regular office work. And lived. For more than few months, I’m a much happier blogger. Important lesson I learned is that my blog is not my life and not my business. My life is in another dimension. And work is coming to me, blog or not.

I’m not closing this up. Not a chance. I simply changed my approach. I post when I like to, when I want to. Sometime I will write twice a day, sometime twice a month. But the important thing is know what your priorities are.