I was last night at the world premiere, here in Belgrade (yes, it was shown before Cannes and LA). Premiere was held at the Open Air cinema, at football (soccer for you Americans) stadium in front of something like 4k people. It would’ve probably been more, but it was freezing weather, luckily with no rain. Despite the fact I still can feel the chill in my bones, it was worth it.


The film is awesome. I’m self-certified sword&shield movies sucker, but I think this movie will also appeal to those seeking much deeper emotions than shield-wall grinding.

Eric Bana is excellent as magnificent Hector, Orlando is…well, Orlando. But Brad Pitt…man, how good he is. He gave the master-piece of acting - just watch his face when he’s calling Hector out, when Priam meets him, his moves…

Diane Kruger as Helene really looks worthy of war. It is un-human how beautiful she is.

I can’t wait to get this on DVD to watch over and over. I’m sure I missed some good moments last night.