SSL fix for IE

I today encountered a problem with Internet Explorer (oh, well, I know). I used ADxMenu on the page that was under SSL. Page loads fine. Then, I hover the menu actuator, which brings up the famous dialog:

This page contains both secure and non secure items.

Do you want to display the non secure items?

There was nothing wrong with the menu, but with WCH script. If you remember, it creates iFrame element on the fly and places it below the menu.

Well, if you don’t have the src specified for the iFrame, IE treats it as unsecure item, hence the dialog. Solution is simple, as usual (once you find out what is the problem):

       '<iframe <strong>src="/inc/e.html"</strong> id=...></iframe>');

Rest of the line stays the same. This e.html is a simple empty file already present in the project. Use anything you want.