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Off to Ireland...

…in about 10 hours. I’m going on a business trip to high north of Ireland, with 1h-stop in Vienna.

I hate to wait on connecting flights. Actually, I hate to wait for transportation, in stores, at city desk clerks…All that is practically a waste of time.

First time I flew abroad, I went to London over Rome, and then back to Belgrade over Milan, three days later. After that, I went several times for one or two weeks, always direct flights.

Now I’m going to .ie for three days, and I again have two-step journey (make it three this time, as I’m going to Dundalk, north of Dublin). It seems like short trips are hard to organize, even for efficient agencies like FinTravel Club

Business schedule is pretty tight, but hopefully there will be an hour or two to see something out of Ireland. At least a couple of… (mind the bear, not the horrible site).