Great song that should've been a winner

Man, that was close. Our contender Zeljko Joksimovic almost won the Eurosong competition. After 12 years of absence, this is a very strong second place. Although I can hardly be called objective, the Ukraine song is really stupid in english. Shaka daka tralala…simply stupid. Lucky for her, she sang on her own language so it was not obvious…who knows, maybe it has meaningful lyrics in original.

If you liked the Lane moje song, you can get it here. I think it’s evident that it’s much better to sing in your own language than in english, which seems to be a trend. Also, I’m surprised that the quality of songs is so low. As I said, my country was not part of this for twelve years and when I heard the songs I was really amazed that something like 80% of the songs are very bad. Melodies were either non-existent or empty, duos were poorly synchronized or you simply forgot the song after 2 minutes. Very, very bad. I like the songs from Macedonia (To�e should’ve sing in macedonian, it much more melodic), Cyprus and Greece and perhaps Croatia, but not that much.

Well, it was fun nonetheless. While in purely ephemeris area, it’s good to be part of Europe, and to be so strong.